Here we’re going to try to put up some pictures and cuts on and about Ola.
Hopefully that means that it will be up dated continuously, and we’re also going to try to scan in old newspaper articles and such. But it takes time so we’re hoping that you’re indulgent towards the limited material.

As a comfort, especially for all you out there who don't understand Swedish, we provide a nice link to Adam Sandler’s splendid song about Ola: "The lonesome kicker" (at the bottom of the page).

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Ola in the uniform of the Cowboys.
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Ola in the Bronco’s uniform.
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Ola – The Texas Giant.
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Ola’s kicking in a game with Galaxy.
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Ola’s kicking in a game with Galaxy.
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Another Galaxy-kick.
This is a scanned "miniposter" from Galaxy’s game-day magazine. Works fabulous as a desktop!
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Newspaper clips
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The Albuquerque Tribune
30th of August 2002.

Sport journalists went bananas when Ola did the longest field goal in a NFL-context.

6th of February 2003

Ola writes a contract
with the Dallas Cowboys.
(Note: in Swedish)

12th of April 2003

Ola goes to Dallas.
Question/answer-interview with good questions.
(Note: in Swedish)

There’ll be more material eventually...
While waiting for this you can read an article that’s been published in Aftonbladet on
(Note: in Swedish)

28th of December 2003

Metro shows an angle of the double life Ola’s leading. One seconds he’s playing in front of 60 000 fans in the US, the next second he’s home alone kicking at Limhamnsfältet in cold Malmö, Sweden.
(Note: in Swedish)

11th of August 2004

Ola hits the first page in the Swedish edition of Metro after the winning kick!
(Note: in Swedish)

Movie files
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Ola on Sporten at TV4 14-11-2004
Sporten ("The Sport") on the swedish national
TV-channel TV 4 had a 3-minutes long interview with Ola
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Elam after the 65-yards kick
Jason Elam, the star kicker of the Denver Broncos who has the official field goal record, 62 yards, about Ola and the kick..
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Ola after 65-yards kick
How does it feel getting ”ripped off” on the record the reason being it was just a preseason game?
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Music video
Here you can choose to watch Adam Sandler’s song about Ola, "Lonesome kicker", if you want to.


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