Ola with his new contract.
Credit: kimrin.com (click on the picture for a hi-res version)

It's now official!
As you can see we have changed the colors on the site and the reason for that is that Ola now have signed with the Tennessee Titans.

Congratulations! How does it feel?
   – It feels great... and it is nice to know where I will be this spring and summer.
So, what will it be like?
   – First I will go home to Sweden for three weeks, and then in late March I will report to Tennessee for the off-season workouts. Then there will be a break some time in the summer and then we have training camp and pre-season in August.

Ola Kimrin created big headlines with his 65-yard field goal in the preseason games in 2002 playing for the Denver Broncos. Everything from first pages in the newspapers to ”sport event of the week” on the TV channels.

The contract is for one year and it will be Olas fourth contract with an NFL-team. Before this he has been with Denver Broncos (2002), Dallas Cowboys (2003) and Washington Redskins (2004). Despite the fact that Ola kicked a 65 yards-fieldgoal with the Denver Broncos in a pre season-game against Seattle Seahawks, (it would have been the NFL record if it would be in an regular season-game – see the pic to the right) he didn't got the job: They already had Jason Elam, one of the best kickers in the league and a hero in Denver.
  Ola was also cut by the Dallas Cowboys, where he was compeating with Billy Cundiff for the job. The coach didn't wanted to go with a rookie.
  In Washington, he went up against John Hall, an other kicker that has proven to be a very good kicker in the NFL. But even though he did good in training camp and kicking 4/4 field goals during the pre-season, he was cut before the season started. But John Hall pulled his hamstring halfway through the season and the Redskins called in Ola and he stayed with the Redskins for seven weeks playing in five games.
(John Hall got injured once again later that season, but Ola was unfortunately in Sweden at the time and couldn't get back in time for the game, so Redskins signed Jeff Chandler who had a great first game and stayed with the team for remainder of the season).
  The rest is history.
  Swedish sport history!
  Ola is the second Swede ever to play in the NFL, Björn Nittmo was the first. He played for the New York Giants 16 years ago.

There's a bunch of people who have been impressed with Ola's strong leg, John Madden, wrote this during the fall of 2002 on www.allmadden.com (ESPN):

           Kimrin's a first-year player out of
           NFL Europe. He recently kicked a
           65-yard field goal against Seattle
           and that's pretty darn impressive.
           When I did a Denver game in mid-
           August on ABC Sports, I watched
           him kick in warmups before the
           game and he was kicking 70-yard
           field goals! In all of my time, and
           I'm not saying that I've watched
           every kicker in pre-game warmups
           or concentrated on it, but I've never
           seen guys practice 70-yard field
           goals. I guess it wasn't such a
           surprise that he could make a
           65-yard field goal, because I had
           seen him practicing them from
           70 yards away.

If You want to read the presentation from 2004, when Ola was a Redskin and with some mor history and thougts, can you find it here.