Olas jersey (click on the picture for slightly bigger picture).


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08-15-2005 - Titans lost in overtime – Ola was flawless!
Sorry we haven’t update the site until now. Everybody who’s interested know the result since way back, but we haven’t had the time to update until now.
  Tampa Bay won over Titans with 20–17 in overtime when Tampa Bay’s kicker Matt Bryant settled the game with a 33-yard field goal.
  Olas “opponent” Rob Birona did Titans only field goal attempt and must get some credit for nailing it. It was a conclusive kick when it was only 19 seconds left of the ordinary game time. If he’d missed, the game would be over. But he did a great kick from 53 yards so the came went on.
  Except from this one thing it was more or less a draw between our favorite kicker and Rob. They both did one extra point without any problems and it was more or less a draw when it comes to the kick offs; they did two each. Rob’s first one was 63 yards and Ola’s was 59. They both hit the end zone on their second kick offs… As we said: more or less a draw. If we want to find an advantage for Ola we can analyse the result of the two kick offs and see that even though Robs kick was 4 yard longer than Olas Tampa Bay got to the 30 yards-line compare to Olas kick when they “only” got to 28-yard line. Hopefully this means that Ola had a better hang time – but right now this is more or less irrelevant we guess.
  But what we know for sure is that everybody knows that Ola is capable to do the same kick and much more in important and game-conclusive moments. Last year, when he did his NFL-debut with Redskins he did 7 of Redskins 13 points and was more or less a game winner since the final score was 13 for Redskins and 10 for the Bears.
  And by now everybody know the if-it-was-in-the-real-season-instead-of-the-preseason-it-would-have-been-a-new-world-record 65-yard kick he did with Denver in 2002.
  So of course Ola would have nailed the 53 yards kick if it was his turn to kick.
  But it sure is a tight battle Rob and Ola have to fight for.
  Rah Ola!!!!

08-12-2005 - New story on the frontpage!
Our invaluable co-worker in Tennessee, Brad Coulter, met Ola a couple of days ago. Read the result of that meeting at the frontpage! Be sure to check it out!
  And of course we wish Ola all the best in the first pre season game tonight!
  Good luck, bro!

08-02-2005 - New article and even more pics!
Training camp continues and Titans fans have taken even more pics of our favorite player! Take a look at the link (see the previous news-flash) and keep checking back as new pictures are being added almost daily.
   The Assocaited Press published an article about the battle between Ola and Rob that has been published in newspapers around the world. It was published in the Maryville/Alcoa Daily Times last Tuesday. You can read the web version here or click on the picture to the right to get a bigger version. The scan was provided by our invaluable co-worker in Tennessee, Brad Coulter (who is polishing our grade school English and making corrections). Brad is also the man behind the "fan pics" project and hopefully soon you'll get to read a full feature story from him!
   We're still not getting a lot of news directly from Ola. The time difference, his training camp regimen and our day to day lives makes it difficult to stay in close contact. We do know that Ola is currently in a minor slump. Ola isn't kicking as well as he is capable right now due to a little jet lag and the short break he took for his wedding, but we're confident he'll be back in top form soon enough.
   Stay tuned, we'll be back soon!

The Daily Nesw
2 augusti 2005

08-02-2005 - Titans Online covers the kicking duel + pics from the fans!

Titans training camp is in full swing and has been keeping Ola so busy he hasn't had time to give us any updates.
   Luckily for us, Titansonline.com has some great coverage. An article was recently posted entitled "Kickers Kimrin, Bironas chasing NFL dream". The article talks about both kickers' backgrounds (interesting that Rob was also a soccer player) and discusses their current thoughts. In the article, Ola compliments Rob's leg strength and accuracy and promises to keep up the competition.
   It's obvious that both players really want the job and of course, we're cheering for Ola all the way!
As you might have noticed, we haven't had access to any pictures of Ola in action... until now!
   A couple of Titans fans who have attended training camp sessions were gracious enough to share some photographs of Ola. The pictures are posted on the Tennessee charity Saving Little Hearts website. You can see the pictures here.
   Be sure to check out their services and consider a donation while you are there. If the charity isn't reason enough, the fact that they were kind enough to help us check out our favorite NFL player certainly is! 
   Many thanks to Tricia Lackey and Sean Puckett for the nifty camera work.
   Hopefully there will be more pictures soon, so don't forget to check back once in a while!
   Stay tuned, we'll be back soon!

PS. Here's an article published last month in the Tennessean that we forgot to add: Tennessean.com.

07-28-2005 - Back to Tennessee
Ola is now a married man and his visit home to Sweden is over. He's back in Tennessee for Titans training camp. There wasn't much time for a honeymoon. The trip was hectic. Ola arrived home, worked on the wedding details, got married and headed back to the US.
   The European Football Championship starts today and Ola did take a little time to visit the Swedish national team's training camp. He was offered the blue and yellow jersey, but had to decline due to his commitment to the NFL. "Of course I'd be honored to play for Sweden again, but hopefully my future is in the NFL, so I absolutely had to be back in Nashville for training camp," Ola stated.
   Ola also took a few minutes to talk to the Swedish press during his visit. Dagens Nyheter published their interview today (the link is in Swedish).

06-22-2005 - Ola signs a new deal – Competition is brought into camp

It has been almost a month since we’ve had a site update, but we haven’t received many reports from Ola so blame it on him (actually: we haven’t got any reports at all). That’s probably because not much is happening. It’s a slow time of year with nothing much going on outside of training camp, but now we’ve got some new info to report
   The Titans have signed another kicker, Rob Bironas, who kicked for the New York Dragons in the Arena League this season. We have known since day one that another kicker would be brought in this off season to compete with Ola. Competition is necessary to get the players fired up and playing their best. Coach Fisher said yesterday that Bironas has a strong leg, as he's been saying about Ola since he arrived in Nashville.
   There hasn’t been much competition thus far. Kimrin and Bironas have had one practice together and attempted six kicks each. Ola nailed 5 of them. Rob nailed 3. Hopefully this gives Ola an early advantage.
   We'll see how this pans out and hopefully we’ll see Ola earn a spot on the permanent roster. The buzz on some of the Titans Internet fan forums is that the job is Ola’s to lose. As long as he kicks the way he is capable of, we feel confident he’ll win the job.
   The other big news is that Ola recently signed an endorsement deal with Reebok. Ola is proud to be joining some of the world’s best athletes in endorsing the Reebok brand.
   Congratulations Ola!

05-27-2005 - Coach Fisher seems to be pleased with Ola so far
The Titans have had two mini-camps over the last few weeks and Ola has been nailing the ball between the posts.
    Head Coach Jeff Fisher will, as we reported before, bring in another kicker sooner or later as competition to Ola, but so far he's still the only kicker on the roster. There have been some rumors about AFL-kickers and this week also some mention of Paul Edinger, who was released by the Chicago Bears earlier this week. But Fisher was quoted as saying "we don't have any interest in him," which proved to be true as Edinger signed with the Minnesota Vikings this week. If the Titans were really concerned about Ola they would have been much more aggressive with going after other kickers. Fisher has also declared that they are happy with Ola, he's been doing a good job so far and he got the accuracy as well. If he keeps on kicking like this even when he's under pressure, he'll probably be doing fine. "The job is his to lose" as Fisher told www.espn.com (feel free to read if you want to know more, there's some new info).
   As we already know, kicking under pressure is not a problem for Ola. He was under tremendous pressure to impress team officials during his preseason stint with the Denver Broncos, so he nailed a 65-yarder. When he finally got the chance to play in a real NFL-game last year with the Redskins, he was an integral part of the winning effort against the Bears (13-10, Ola scored 7 points as you might remember).
   There has also been some television coverage about Ola last week and he was the front page story on the Titans official site at www.titansonline.com. A video clip with comments from both Fisher and Ola is here. And an article is right here.

Ola has also been taking time to talk to kimrin.com:
How has it been at the mini camps?
   – last week we had a three day camp and this week we had another three. We have been kicking some field goal and so far I've done ok, and there's not too much to complain over.
What else? How are things going off the field?
   – There's not much happening. But this weekend we're going to Indianapolis to see Kenny Bräck. I think it will be fun to see how fast they really drive. And thewn on tuesday I'll be back practicing strength and condition.
   And by the way: The guest book seems to be back!

05-19-2005 - Coach Fisher seems to be pleased with Ola so far
The Titans have been in a mini camp and coach Fisher seems to be pleased with Ola so far. There’s not much information, but you can read his thoughts here: Tennessean.com.
   Some bad news though... The guestbook has been erased of some strange reason. Very sad!

05-10-2005 - Tennessean writes about Ola

You can read it here if you didn’t get the printed version: Tennessean.com.

04-26-2005 - New interview and new pics at the startpage
Yep! A new interview is up at the startpage with some pictures from the Draft Party, and best of all: The first picture EVER taken with Ola in his new Jersey!
   And if you haven't read it yet there's also an interview with Ola at Most Valuable Netvork (published march 16th, but we haven't had a link to it yet, so maybe you missed that one...)

04-22-2005 - Ola can see Nashville as his new home
After two weeks in Nashville with the Titans Ola feel like he's home.
   – I can see myself staying in Nashville for the rest of my career.
   Tomorrow it's the Draft Party at Coliseum and we will update the homepage with more comments and new pictures after that. If you can't wait that long for more news and haven't read Titans GM Floyd Reese’s comments and thoughts about Ola go to www.titansonline.com and do that right now!

03-05-2005 - Ola signs with the Titans
Congratulations! See the startpage for more info!


2004-11-15 - Ola on TV 4
Yesterday, a couple of hours before the game, Sporten ("The Sport") on the swedish national TV-channel TV 4 had a 3-minutes long interview with Ola. And of course (what else?) kimrin.com hooks you up with the clip!
If you can't see it, try to download Quicktime, a free software, and you should be able to see it).

07–11-2004 - Short about the game

It's way past sleeping time in Sweden so we just give you a short brief about the game: Redskins lost against the Bengals with the score 10–17 and unfortunally Ola missed one out of two field goal attempts. The one he missed was from 47 yards, and we haven't spoked with Ola yet, but we guess that no one blames him for that one.
   We'll update the page as soon as possible, bur first we got to go to bed. 'til we're back we give you this new pic some female fan (we're quite sure it's a girl this time) sent to us through the GSM-net with her cellular. Enjoy!

14–11-2004 - Ola play his fourth game today!

At 4.05 pm (Washington time) today Washington Redskins game against Cincinnati Bengals starts. That will be Ola's fourth game as a Redskin kicker and of course we wish him all luck!!!
   Until the kick off you can read about Oa in this article from the official Gameday program week 8 (the Redskins-Packers game). As usuall all you have to do to se a bigger (readable) picture is to klick on this small one to the right.
   And, this time you'll get a bonus aswell, right under this sentence you'll see a drawing from a secret fan of Ola! This little boy (or girl!) sure will grow up and be a great artist! We can all se that!!! (click on it to see a bigger pic.)

07–11-2004 - Ola comments the Lions-game

– The kick off that went out of bounds is a catastrophe! It's not supposed to go there. But it was a special kick, because we didn't wanted the ball go to their ordinary reciever, so it was ment to go to the sideline, but Iguess I kicked a little too hard... My first kick offs wasn't good in generally, but I'm content with the last one.
   Ola did two field goal attempts, one from 24 and one 51 yards, but unfortually he missed the last one.
   – Of course that wasn't fun. The ball hit the crossbar and it only needed to be one or two more inches to be good. But now I got one crossbar and one goal post så now I through with that and looking forward to see my future kicks to be good. But I don't think anyone will blame me for missing a field goal from 51 yards even though I can't be happy with that. But if I now had to miss one of the two I'm glad it was that one. A field goal from 24 yards is supposed to go in but it also felt good to do the first points of the game. I think the team felt that as well. But of course it would be better if I didn't missed at all.
   – Otherwise no one has said anything about my performence. Everyone is just happy that we won. We was underdogs but won anyway so now everybody [is] just happy and pleased. And coach Gibbs gave us the day off tomorrow so we won't be back untill wednesday and I guess I'm still on the rooster then. Hall still got some problems. He can run again and he kan kick for short distance, but when he pushes himself he feel the pain. He's been x-rayed now and I guess they'll give him some kind of diagnos tomorrow, so I'll just have to wait and see...
   As usual we wish Ola the best of luck and give him our congratulations!!!


06–11-2004 - Ola Kimrin will play against Detroit
Alright! We're back in Sweden after a very nice weekend in Washington with Ola as our host. As ya'll know by now he unfortunaly missed a field goal attempt from 45 yards.
  – The kick felt good, and it looked good, but then the wind catched the ball and it hit the goal post. Of course that wasn't fun, I should score from that distance, but there's nothing to do about that now. Sooner or later you will make your first miss, and now I've done that. Except from the miss I think I did a good game with two extra points and nice kick offs, Ola said after the game.
  Hall is still hurt and nobody knows when he will be back, so Ola got another chance to show his skills against Denver Lions tomorrow.
  – I asked coach Gibbs this wednesday and he said I'm going to play and it feels good, I just scored a 54 yards filed goal on todays practice. And I never played an indoor game before so it's gonna be fun, Ola said to the swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.
  When we were in Washington we also bought an issue of The Washington Times last Saturday and found this article about Ola. It could be fun for everyone who might be disappointed over the fact that we don't update the english version as much as the swedish one to read. In this article you can read about some funny stuff, like the struggle Ola went through we he decided to return home to Sweden, just to recieve a phone call from the Redskins 30 minutes after he closed the door to his and his girlfriend Linda's home... (click on the pic to get a bigger one!)

29–10-2004 - kimrin.com does Washington
We will not be able kimrin.com at all in a couple of days since we're going to Washington to se the game live 'n direct. But ya'll know where to get info about the game: NFL Scores.
  And of course you can get some info at: www.redskins.com
  Have a nice weekend!!!

2004-10-14 - New Links

We're still having some problems to get enough time to update this english version of the site. But we're doing our best! Here's some new links and – since we have put it up in the swedish section, we thought we could put it up here as well (but you won't understand much though) – three big articles about Ola from the swedish press.
  Hall still got problems with his groin so Ola's still on the roster. We don't know much more right now. Of course we don't want Hall to be hurt, but on the other hand this maybe gives Ola another opportunity to show what he's got if anyone still has any doubts.
  Hope ya'll enjoy the links!
  Of course El Paso Times thinks it's great that their old university kicker finally succeded: www.elpasotimes.com.
  Chicago Tribune thinks the Kimrin-story is like a Disney fairytale: www.chicagotribune.com.
  Also ESPN writes some about Ola. Mostly a summary of what we already know: www.espn.com.

Big Interview with Ola in Expressen 24:th of october.
(click on the picture to enlarge)

Expressen after
the NFL-debute 18:th of october.
(click on the picture to enlarge)

Aftonbladet after the NFL-debute 18:th of october.
(click on the picture to enlarge)


17-10-2004 - Great NFL-debute by Ola

Ola did a good game tonight. Unfortunately we don't have the possibilitie to update the english version of the site at the moment. Please come back later and check these links in the meantime, they cover up some of the stuff we wrote about in the swedish section:
  Why he's back in Redskins and the struggles he went trough: www.redskins.com
  About the tonight's game: www.redskins.com
This is What Washington Post wrote about Ola in the game rewiev:

  Ola Kimrin, already cut twice by the Redskins, returned from his native Sweden to rejoin the team this week with John Hall out with a groin injury. He kicked a 41-yard field goal to open the scoring and hit a 26-yarder to start the fourth period, giving the Redskins a 13-7 lead.  

Read more about the game at Washington Post.

  Or listen to Redskins' head coach Joe Giibbs talking about Ola on this MP3-file:
  Lyssna på head coach Gibbs (the whole interview is right here as an Real Audio-file)

17-10-2004 - Ola back in the NFL

Tonight is the the night!
  Ola will debute in a real NFL game.
  Check out the whole story at www.redskins.com

Oh no... This message just arrived from Ola:

Then I wasn't a redskin anymore. Om on my way to sign som papers, then they will fly me to Bostan and then we'll just have to wait and se if something happen.

That's definitly some bad news...
  If anyone wonder what Ola is going to do in Boston, here's the answer to that: He'll stay at some friends there and wait for another team will contact him or his agent. If, not he'll return to Sweden in a couple of weeks . It's not that that we don't want him back here, but wa're all wish that he get the chance that he deserve ant get to play with i team in the real season.
  Wish him good luck, everyone!
  Good luck Ola!

05-09-2004 Ola did a good last pre season game this year. Redskis won over Falcons with 27–0 and Ola did one field goal and one kick off.

02-09-2004 This just in! Ola have been promised to play in the last pre season game tomorrow. But nobody really knows how or what the Redskins is up to.
  And there is more good news. Today the site hit two new records:
    1) Over 100 visitors in one day
    2) Over 1 000 visitors totally since the site launch
Great! Especially since the site isn’t advertised anywhere. And it’s all about a swede in an all American sport. Football in Sweden isn’t very big (swedes tend to focus more on soccer and hockey...).
  Plus, and don’t ask us how, but a guy from Cologne found his way to the guestbook. Cool!

The Redskins lost against St. Louis Rams with the score 3–28 last friday. It was a really bad game för the Redskins and Ola didn't even enter the field.
  Ola was, of course, disappointed after the game (even though Hall hardly did anything either, exept from that 3-point field goal and 2 kick offs), but right now he's really blue. This is his own words that he wrote in an official open letter to any one that may find it interesting:

Then it's inoficiall... I guess...
Won't get any reps in practice today. We won't kick a lot, but Hall will do all the kicking.
So I really don't know why they kept me for this week... So I guess that since I don't kick in practice I will probably not kick in the game...
To bad, but it is what it is, it is all about being at the right place at the right time...

Not funny at all, least of all for Ola, but you should never say never. He’s been doing good so far and other teams have had their eyes on him. Maybe Washington kept him to trade with him. There must be some reason that they kept him while they cut off 14 players 3 days ago. If they didn’t have any interest in Ola it wouldn’t be any problem for them to release him.
  Or maybe they just don’t want any other team to get a new and obviously good kicker?
  Who know?
  Hopefully we will get some clues soon. Maybe already tomorrow when Redskins have a game, the last pre season game this year, against Atlanta Falcons…

ooh yes, by the way... we now have a guestbook on the page. Feel free to write something to Ola...

26-08-2004 All right! Seems like Jacksonville Jaguars are having some trouble with the kickers... Maybe good news for Ola in case that Redskins decides to go with Hall (it's an unfair world, we know that for a fact...).
  It's the senior editor Vic Ketchman at www.jaguars.com that both in written words and in a filmed interview names the fact that the team really is in need of (new) good kicker. In jaguar.coms multimedia section "Under the Spotlight" Vic even goes so far that he says that there is a kicker in Washington, with a name he don't want to say because he doesn't know "how to pronounce it", that has done well this far. It's obviously Ola Kimrin he is talking about.
  Watch the movie clip right here.

Premier for the English version of www.kimrin.com. Since every 6:th visitor on the site is from the states and a convincing minority of these speak swedish we decided to translate it all into english. If you prefer the swedish version just click on the swedish flag in the right top corner.

22-08-2004 The Washington Redskins won tonight’s game against the Miami Dolphins with 17 – 0.
  It wasn’t many seconds of actual time that Ola played, but when he was brought out on the field he did what he was there to do. In the third quarter (Hall’s still playing the first two) he gets the chance with a 26-yard field goal. It wasn’t a problem for Ola who keeps playing 100%. After the field goal he also did a kick off on 64 yards. A kick that definitely gets a pass as well.
  John Hall scored two extra points and he’s also been playing 100% so far this year.

Tonight it’s time for Ola’s third game with the Washington Redskins. It’s an away match where they are up against the Miami Dolphins. It’s hard to get in contact with Ola; at the moment he spends almost all his time at practices. The sign of life he’s given are some text messages:
  "It’s going good, I was alone at the practices for two days the reason being Hall helping his parents after the hurricane in Florida. I did 12/13 when we were kicking field goals this Tuesday, and that’s good. Everything went all right today. I missed one, but so did Hall. I think we did 8/9, which isn’t too bad."
  All we can do is wish him good luck tonight, so far so good (unfortunately that’s no guarantee for a permanent employment, we know that out of experience now…) but he’ll probably keep up the good work!

Tonight the Redskins lost their practice game (unfortunately we’ll have to say…) where they were up against the Carolina Panthers with 23-20, after a 52-yard field goal by the kicker John Kasey. Ola’s performance was spotless again and scored two extra points and a field goal. With a little luck Ola could have settled the game with his field goal, which led to the score 20-17. But the Panthers evened the game before time was up and on extra time the Panthers got that crucial field goal.
  The game was the sport event with most viewers in Washington, and it even beat the broadcasts from the Olympic games in Athens.

11-08-2004 Ola’s premiere game with the Redskins has attracted a lot of attention in the Swedish press. The thing that was given the most attention in the Swedish edition of Metro was the fact that Ola settled the game with a field goal in the last seconds.
  Click on the picture to read/see the front page of the swedish edition of Metro.

Ola had a good game in yesterday’s premiere against the Denver Broncos where he settles the game with a field goal with only three seconds remaining of the game. Thanks to Ola’s three points field goal from 39 yards the Redskins won the game with 20-17. Head coach Joe Gibbs seems to be putting Ola up against the team’s other (earlier) kicker John Hall by letting them play two quarters each. Ola had the ”luck” to get to play the two last quarters, which gave him the chance to score 2 extra points and 1 field goal (Hall only got the shot on one field goal).
  It was an exciting game where the Broncos were able to make it a tie (17-17) 2 minutes before the game was over with a touchdown and a two. With a fast game the Redskins were able to advance to about 30 yards from the touchdown area. With only three seconds left of the game Ola is called in on the field to try to score and thereby settling the game. And no problem, "the kick is good" and Ola is the hero of the night.
  – It feels great, he said just before he got on the plane back to Washington at 6.46 (swedish time) this morning.
  All the game’s kickers, Ola, Hall and Denver’s Jason Elam (who scored 3 field goals), had a spotless game and all the kicks were good.

09-08-2004 Ola premieres as number 6 in the Washington Redskins. A practice game against his old team the Denver Broncos.

08–08-2004 Ola gives a short rapport about how the practices are going via text messages: "A bloody long day, I’ve been training and training and after that we signed autographs for an hour. Hall’s all right, but I don’t know if he’s that good..." Good to hear!

05-08-2004 Ola gives a short rapport about the practices via text message: "Had a good practice today and scored 5/5." Good work!

31-07-2004 The Washington Redskins goes official with signing Ola Kimrin as their kicker. He’s competing with John Hall for the position. This is what the Redskins wrote on their web page:

The Redskins announced July 31 the signing of kicker Ola Kimrin. Terms of the contract were not disclosed. Kimrin, a native of Sweden, is a veteran of NFL Europe that also has some NFL experience. He has strong and accurate leg and will provide depth to the position during training camp.

Kimrin, 6-3 and 230 pounds, recently completed his third season in NFL Europe with Cologne, connecting on all four of his field goal attempts. He spent the 2001 and 2002 seasons with Frankfurt of NFLE and has also spent preseason 2003 with Dallas and 2002 with Denver but was released both times prior to the season. While with Denver in 2002, he kicked a 65-yard field goal in a preseason game and would have broken the NFL record for longest field goal had it been in the regular season.

In 2002 with the Galaxy, he kicked 12-of-24 field goals and 20-of-22 PATs for 56 points and was 10-of-13 on field goals and seven-for-seven on PATs for 37 points in 2001. He was also named Player of the Week two times in 2001.

For more info check out www.redskins.com.