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The first picture of Ola in his new Titans jersey.
Credit: kimrin.com (click on the picture for high res.)

Tonight, Friday, August 12th, The Tennessee Titans will play their first preseason game of the year against the Tampa Bay Bucs. Hopefully Ola will get the chance to nail a bunch of field goals and extra points!
  Brad Coulter
kimrin.com's invaluable co-worker in Tennessee – got to meet Ola for the first time a couple of days ago in Nashville. The story below is the result of that meeting.

Ola Kimrin, His Aim Is True

Ola signed hundreds of hats, posters, shirts, and other items for excited Titans fans at the Draft Party held at the Coliseum on April 23rd.
Credit: kimrin.com (click on the pictures for high res)

Tennessee’s sweltering August temperatures make doing anything outside the protection of central air conditioning difficult. Humid steam rises from the city streets and buildings of Nashville meshing with the already thick air creating sauna like conditions by mid-day.
  Football players fighting for a position on the roster of the Tennessee Titans endure this heat throughout the month. In helmets and shoulder pads, they kick, pass, tackle and run sprints on the oven of a practice field.
  One of these players, kicker Ola Kimrin, is doing everything he can to ensure that he’ll be around to see the same broiling heat next year.

Ola, clowning around with Brad's son Ben, click on the picture for a bigger version or click here for another one.

Kimrin, from Sweden, has a firm handshake and a quiet demeanor. The years have faded his accent and at times, you might think he had been living in the US all of his life. In reality, he has been stateside since the mid 1990’s trying to find a spot on a roster and a place to permanently unpack his suitcase.
  He has been called shy, and there may be some truth to that. He lacks the synthetic swagger associated with many professional athletes, but he has an air of confidence that is hard to deny. The first time he saw kicking in American football at age 15, he thought to himself, “That doesn’t look too hard, I can do that” and it turns out he was right.
  Kimrin’s ideals and non-judgmental attitude are certainly worthy of admiration. When asked his opinion of a high profile rookie who is holding out of training camp in hopes of big bucks while others are working hard every day just to have a chance to make the team, he said “He is missing a lot by not being in camp, but I’ve never been in that situation, so I’m in no position to say what he should or shouldn’t do.”
  Kimrin speaks softly and matter of factly, and looks you straight in the eye when answering questions. Spend five minutes with the man and you will find that he is immediately likable. Nothing about him is stand-offish. Even my three year old son took to him right away and had fun pronouncing his name ("Ooo-la" – see FAQ below).

Ola has spent the last several years bouncing from NFL training camps to arena league tryouts to NFL Europe squads. His lone experience in the NFL regular season came last year when John Hall, of the Washington Redskins, went down with an injury mid-season. Kimrin took over kicking duties for the Redskins for several games only to be replaced when Hall returned.
  Last March, things started to look promising. Kimrin received a call from the Titans and an invitation to compete for a starting position on the team. The Titans had recently cut kicker Joe Nedney in an effort to relieve their salary cap woes.
  Kimrin got a jump start by being the only kicker on the roster for a few months. He became familiar with Head Coach Jeff Fisher, who he compares favorably to other head coaches he has worked with in the past, as well as punter Craig Hentrich and long snapper Ken Amato.
The laid back atmosphere and particularly the glaring kicking vacancy in Tennessee seemed to suit Kimrin to a tee.

Ola Kimrin created big headlines with his 65-yard field goal in the preseason games in 2002 playing for the Denver Broncos. Everything from first pages in the newspapers to ”sport event of the week” on the TV channels.

Early on, things went well for Ola. He felt good and was kicking very well. Between training sessions, he went home to Sweden to marry Linda, his sweet-heart of eleven years. “Linda is in Greece with her mother right now… on our honeymoon,” he jokingly said.
  Ola left Nashville as the heads on favorite to finally make his dream come true. Team reports were very favorable. His return to Tennessee, though, showed there was still some adversity in his future. Several days ago, Ola hit somewhat of a funk. His kicks just weren’t sailing as straight and he found himself confused as to what was going on.
  One day after a particularly difficult practice, Ola stopped to talk with Titans quarterback Steve McNair in the parking lot outside Baptist Sports Park where the Titans train. “What do you do when you hit a slump?” Ola asked the 2003 NFL co-MVP. “Everyone has some really rough memories,” McNair replied, “You’ve just got to think it through and then leave it behind.”
  When I spoke with Ola, it seemed he had done just that.

It’s impossible to say what lies in Kimrin’s immediate future and he isn’t thinking about anything except his next kick. It would be very tempting to take a minute to imagine what it would be like to buy a house, get Linda settled in Tennessee, clean out that suitcase and start making some roots in Nashville. The level headed Kimrin, though, is all business right now.
  Ola doesn’t read the sports section in the newspaper or watch local television news. He’d rather stay isolated and focused on his task. At this time of the year, that task is eating, drinking and breathing training camp from the minute he gets up until he falls asleep at night.
  Four preseason games and many practice sessions remain before a decision will be made about who will be kicking in Titans blue this year and as Special Teams Coach Alan Lowry put it, “If you are a golfer, we’re only on the third hole right now.”
  Personally, I’d like to see Ola Kimrin hit a few birdies along the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions – How do you prenounce "Kimrin"?
First of all, native English speakers have difficulty pronouncing Ola's first and last name the way it is prounounced in Swedish (especially with the dialect of his hometown Malmö). If you doubt that, then listen carefully to this and try to repeat it:

The way you say "Ola Kimrin" in his hometown Malmö (wherever that is...)

Kinda hard, right?
But it's totally ok to say a more "English" version. Ola is aware that his name is very difficult for non-Swedes, so if you say it like the Bears announcers did at the Redskins/Bears game last year (10-17-2004) it's more than ok!

some ways to say "Ola Kimrin" in english...

This is probably as close as you can get without a lot of Swedish classes.